VHCEx Referral Programme

VHCEx Referral Programme Level Ranking Volume

When referrals trade, you earn.

We are happy to bring you a referral programme that allows you to earn a portion of all your referrals transaction fees. Whenever your referrals successfully complete a trade, the trading fees earned by VHCEx will be apportioned to the users in accordance to your level and rank. Starting at Level 1 and Rank 1.


You can earn up to 5 levels of referrals.

Level - VHCEx Referral Programme

Every time your direct referral recruits someone, the new user will be placed in a level beneath the recruiter. That would mean, you stand to benefit even when your recruit, refers and grows their network. The referral programme bonuses allows you to earn from as many as 5 levels.


Progress through the ranks by increasing the overall volume traded within a calendar month.

Volumne and Ranking - VHCEx Referral Programme EN

In order to progress and earn a bigger percentage of the transaction fees, your overall group’s volume must achieve the USDT volume stipulated at each rank. Once your average volume for the entire calendar month increases to a new level, your commission percentage will increase in the following month.

Don’t know how to refer your friends? Click here for a guide on How to send a referral invite.


Want to earn a monthly income on VHCEx?

Get paid when other people copy your trades. No additional cost involved, simply trade like you always do and earn a commission from the traders who are copying your winning moves. Find out more about VHCEx Lead Trader programme here or email [email protected] for enquiries.