VHCEx Newsflash | 20th September 2019


Rapper Akon is huge fan of Bitcoin

Rapper Akon is huge fan of Bitcoin

Image Source: BlockPublisher

In a recent interview, rapper Akon revealed his huge faith and interest in the future of cryptocurrency. He was a huge supporter of the fact that its value is ultimately decided by the public. Citing lost confidence in national fiat currencies, especially the US dollar which he claims to have long ceased to be backed by physical commodities and natural resources. His appearance on the radio interview was primarily to drum up interest for his new project, a pan-African digital currency with big ambitions to replace fiat currencies, called Akoin.

Samsung to release Note 10 with cryptocurrency features


Image Source: CCN 

In recent developments, Samsung released a blockchain version of their latest Note 10 flagship device, called the KlatynPhone. Samsung fans will be glad to know it contains the same hardware and costs the same as other Galaxy Note devices, with the key difference being that its underlying software will be able to run blockchain apps and support a cryptocurrency wallet. When it’s launched, this milestone phone will be available exclusively in South Korea.

Decentralized Brave Browser Tops Google Play Japan rankings 

Image Source: Cryptonewsz

Great news for blockchain this month. According to Cryptoglobe, Brave, a revolutionary blockchain-enabled decentralized web browser, continues to grow at breakneck speed, outranking other browsers in the recently released Google Play rankings in Japan. It marks the first time in its history that the privacy-focused Brave browser claimed the top spot over its more established rivals such as Firefox, Opera and Chrome.

Recent ranking data from Google Play shows the app sitting comfortably at the 10th spot while it’s closest rival Firefox lags behind in the 14th position.

A Google Play ranking is determined by how well apps perform against several key metrics such as crash rates, app-not-responding rates, excessive WiFi, location or processing in the background.

Facebook Libra’s Fiat Basket May Reject Yuan


Image Source: Coindesk

The long line of fiat currencies slated to back Facebook’s Libra include the US Dollar, Euro, British Pound, Japanese Yen and Singapore dollar, but it appears that a big player might be excluded from this list – the Chinese Yuan. In a recent report by Bloomberg, it appears that Facebook has revealed a list of included currencies, but did not outright confirm the exclusion of the Chinese Yuan, so hold your breath.

Facebook’s Blockchain lead David Marcus previously informed the U.S House Financial Services Committee that the US Dollar would represent 50% of the basket backing Libra with the other 50% comprising other stable sovereign currencies and low-risk assets.

Burger King Accepts Bitcoin in Germany

Image Source : Coingape

Burger King is taking a huge step (at least in Germany) towards embracing cryptocurrency, with its German arm starting to accept Bitcoin payments on its delivery website and mobile application. While its sudden inclusion on the official website attracted lots of attention, it is still unclear if Bitcoin will be accepted in its over 600 physical stores throughout Germany.

In another interesting development, Burger King Russia announced it will start accepting Bitcoin payment soon. The chain seem to be expanding from its earlier introduction of its on utility token the Whoppercoin which was launched back in the summer of 2017.