VHCEx Mirror Trades – What does it do?

Trade like the best investors in the world.

Copy the traders you like and earn a profit, when they make a profitable trade.

You get to be a part of a community of mirror traders, and automatically copy lead traders of your choice.

  • Enter a trade when they trade.
  • Exit a trade when they do.
  • Everything is done automatically once you have assigned your lead trader(s).

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How to copy other traders with 3 clicks:

  1. Click on “Mirror Trades”
  2. Choose a trader & click on “Copy”
  3. Choose your desired amount and click “Confirm”

Mirror Trades VHCEx

Be part of our community of Mirror Traders and start copying the best investors and traders from around the world.



Got a question about our VHCEx Mirror Trades? Contact us at [email protected]

Terms and Conditions:

  1. A trade can be entered in either direction, i.e long or short, in accordance to the lead trader’s analysis and preference.
  2. The lead trader can decide when to exit a trade via manual closing, stop-loss or take profit function as he/she has deems fit.
  3. A mirror trader will be allowed to choose multiple lead traders to manage their funds. Each trader must be assigned a portion from your existing capital.
  4. A trade taken by the lead trader can result in a profit or a loss to the mirror trader. The mirror trader has no say in how the lead trader makes his/her trades in terms of frequency, stop-loss, take profit, size of risk and all related elements to his or her trading.
  5. Profits made on trade(s) is subject to an eight percent (8%) commission in favour of the lead trader that has been appointed.
  6. Losses incurred in a trade will not be borne by the lead trader and is not subject to any compensation of any sort.
  7. The lead trader will only have access to funds that has been appointed by the mirror trader.
  8. All trades are subject to maker, taker and any transaction fees imposed.
  9. A mirror trader may opt out and stop copying a lead trader at any time. All open trades will continue to run unless the mirror trader manually closes the trade. No further trades can then be opened by the lead trader once the open trade is complete.
  10. There is no minimum amount of assets that needs to be assigned to the lead trader.
  11. VHCEx is in no way responsible for losses incurred on all mirror trades, or for endorsing any lead traders.
  12. All choices made to mirror lead trader(s) on the platform are solely the responsibility of the mirror trader to do their due diligence and understand the risk before placing their assets under the management of the lead trader.
  13. Any disputes that may arise from the calculation, evaluation or any other unforeseen circumstances regarding the VHCEx Mirror Trades Programme will be decided by VHCEx.
  14. VHCEx reserves the right to amend its terms and conditions of the VHCEx – Mirror Trades Programme without prior notice, at any given time.