VHCEx Lead Trader Programme

Earn $90,000 or more by being a lead trader

Create an added income by allowing other users to mirror your profitable trades.

The more assets you have under management, the more you are rewarded.

Trade like you normally would and get paid even more by managing the added funds in your portfolio.

  1. Diamond account holders earn a minimum of $90,000 per annum, when you have a total of $1 million assets under management.
  2. VHCEx will provide you with a monthly dividend based on the amount of funds you manage.
  3. Manage funds of fellow mirror traders in the community to grow your own profits and portfolio.

Lead Trader Programme Promotion

Sign up and contact us to submit your information to be a VHCEx lead mirror trader at [email protected]


If you have any further enquiries, kindly contact Eva:

  Telegram: https://t.me/EvaBennet
  WeChat: EvaBennet
  Line: evabennet-vhcex
  Email: [email protected]


Terms and Conditions:                          

  1. To be a Lead Trader on VHCEx, you must have two (2) months’ worth of portfolio data and statistics unless otherwise granted by VHCEx under special circumstances.
  2. Non-VHCEx traders may apply but is subject to a portfolio submission from reliable and trusted trading platform.
  3. Your application portfolio must consist a minimum of 75% non-mirror trades to qualify.
  4. Assets under management (AUM) must be maintained above the stipulated value for the entire month, including sudden fluctuations caused by cryptocurrency and other market movements.
  5. Assets under management (AUM) is a collective amount of assets that mirror traders have assigned to the lead trader. In order to qualify for rewards, dividends, commission and bonuses:
  6. i) The AUM requirement calculation will not include the lead trader’s personal equity.
  7. ii) The AUM will be calculated using the average total AUM of the entire month.
  8. Payments of commission, dividend and bonuses will be made on a monthly basis.
  9. Minimum earnings per annum is provided the lead trader fulfills the requirement and maintains their trading activity within the stipulated level during the year from the point of first payment received.
  10. At the diamond level, bonus of 9% annually is calculated on every dollar after $50,000 of AUM. The bonus rate is calculated on an annual basis, and paid out monthly on the entire month’s average AUM above $50,000.
  11. Settlements of payments, profits and bonuses will be made in the form of cryptocurrency – BTC, ETH, USDT or HWGC as decided by VHCEx.
  12. Calculation of all AUM begins on the first day of each calendar month and must be maintained throughout the period of the entire term of each calendar month to qualify for level – monthly bonus payments (Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Diamond).
  13. All rewards, dividend, commission and bonuses will be issued within a 30 day period, after the end of each calculation period deadline.
  14. A lead trader is required to maintain all level requirements for a minimum of one (1) month in order to qualify for the rewards stipulated at each level.
  15. Upon achieving the requirements of a selected level during the month, the trader will be promoted in the following month and begin enjoying the rewards of the new level after the said promotion.
  16. VHCEx may choose to feature selected traders on its social media as and when it is necessary and deems fit. VHCEx is not obliged to guarantee every single trader a social media post and may be featured in a group, leaderboard fashion or any other format as decided by VHCEx.
  17. VHCEx has the sole discretion and right to decide on all lead trader applicants as it deems fit.
  18. Any disputes that may arise from the calculation, evaluation or any other unforeseen circumstances regarding the VHCEx Lead Trader Programme will be decided by VHCEx.
  19. VHCEx reserves the right to amend its terms and conditions of the VHCEx Lead Trader Programme without prior notice, at any given time.