Be a Lead Trader on VHCEx. We Pay So Much More.

VHCEx lead traders earn $15,925 a month as compared to a sum of $2,667 a month with another leading exchange. That is approximately 6 times more than other leading exchanges out there.

By simply sharing your knowledge of trading, inexperienced traders can copy you and invest like an experienced player.

Take a quick look comparison table below and enjoy more rewards on VHCEx.

Lead Trader Rewards Comparison -VHCEx VS Other Exchange

We do not impose a minimum number of traders copying and other volume-based requirements that stifle your progress. In fact, even if you have less than $1,000 worth of assets under management to start, you may begin your journey as a lead trader.

In line with the VHCEx mission, we would like to enable as many lead traders as possible to provide everyone access and opportunity to cryptocurrency investments. Take the simple 3 steps to be a VHCEx Lead Trader.

Be a VHCEx Lead Trader

VHCEx Be a VHCEx Lead Trader Step by Step

For more info on being a lead trader, check out our blog or contact Eva at your convenience to apply.

If you have any further enquiries, kindly contact Eva:

  WeChat: EvaBennet
  Line: evabennet-vhcex
  Email: [email protected]